The fourth edition of the street festival 6Fest took place on 27 and 28 September 2019 in the creative district of Plovdiv Kapana as part of the official program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019. The participants in 6Fest in Kapana were Fireter, Igrachka-Plachko circus, Variété PLAN B, SoulMade Theatre Company, QUICK HANDS Project, Куклен Театър "Мале-мале" / Puppet Theatre "Malle-malle".

See the best of 6Fest 2019 in the festival video:


Hundreds of people attended the eight performances of the 6Fest street festival, which took place in Plovdiv and the Kapana creative district for the first time on September 28, 2019.

Children, parents and adults filled the main festival location "Yadroto" in Kapana. There were masked people in the audience, especially among the children. They had joined the 6Fest campaign "Together at the Carnival". The festival also invided the audience to come in carnival costumes and masked to turn together - as is the motto of Plovdiv 2019 - Kapana into the Soul of the Carnival.

The young artists from the Male-Male Puppet Theater (Sofia) were the first to appear on the stage of 6Fest. They performed their show "The Puppet Concert". The afternoon program of 6Fest started with the Plovdiv Theater company "Soulmade" - father and daughter Gadelevi showed their puppet show. As the day progressed, the audience grew larger and larger, as the entire space of the "Yadroto" was crowded with people. The artists from the Igrachka-Plachko Circus juggled with bats, rode a monocycle, but the most dangerous and spectacular number was with the participation of a volunteer from the audience and ... juggling with knives.

At the same time, on the streets of Kapana, two magicians from Quick Hands Project showed street magic with cards. Two artists on stilts from the Theater of Fire and Shadows Fireter from Sofia also passed through Kapana. Passers-by were attracted by the three-meter colorful butterflies, as if coming out of fairy tales.

Sylvia and Bobby from Variety Plan B circus arrived from Varna and amazed the audience with their acrobatic tricks. Sylvia showed unique skills with a whip, and Bobby proved to be an excellent acrobat, even with fire. The 6Fest street festival ended with two fire shows. A whistling fire whip illuminated the "Yadroto" during the fire show of "Variety Plan B". The attraction of the fire show of the circus "Igrachka-Plachko" was a dervish dance with a crystal ball and ... a burning hat.

Photographer of the Male-Male Puppet Theater: Momchil Tsonev. Photographer of the other events of the festival: Vanessa Popova


27 September 2019

19:00 Night of Stories​ (more details in the Facebook event)

Location: "Petnoto na Rorshah", 36 Yoakim Gruev Str.

Free entrance. The event will be only in Bulgarian.

19:00 Street performance of musicians and circus artists by Combino project
Location: Yoakim Gruev Str., next to Skaptobara

28 September 2019

Street festival program. Main location:  Yadroto open-air stage, 14 Zagreb Str. 

11:00  Puppet Show "The Puppets’ Concert" by Puppet Theatre Malle-Malle - Sofia (duration - 40 min)

Location:  Yadroto open-air stage

16:00 Puppet Show by Theatre Company „Soulmade“ - Plovdiv (duration - 30 min)

Location:  Yadroto open-air stage

17:00 Circus show by Igrachka-Plachko Circus - Sofia, Plovdiv (duration - 40 min)

Location:  Yadroto open-air stage

17:00 Parade on stilts by Theatre of fire and shadow Fireter - Sofia (duration - 60 min)

Route: Atanas Samokovetsa Str. - Yoakim Gruev Str. - Hristo Dukmedzhiev Str. - Zlatarska Str. Pavel Kurtevich Str. - Zagreb Str. (Yadroto open stage)

17:00-19:00  Street magic by Quick Hands Project (duration - 2 hours)

Location: Zagreb Str., Zlatarska Str.

18:00 Circus show by Variété Plan B. - Varna (duration - 60 min)

Location:  Yadroto open-air stage

19:30 Fire and LED show by Variété Plan B. - Varna (duration - 15 min)

Location:  Yadroto open-air stage

19:45 Fire show by Igrachka-Plachko circus (duration - 15 min)
Location:  Yadroto open-air stage



Free entrance. The events are children friendly. No language barriers for the audience. The festival might make changes to the program if unforeseen circumstances happen. Follow the Facebook page and event for the latest news.


The International Street Festival for Urban Arts and Happiness 6Fest was created in the town of Gabrovo in 2017 to enrich the carnival tradition of the Capital of Humor and to support the transformation of the oldest urban area in Gabrovo called “Shesti uchastuk” into an arts district. So far, 6Fest has presented professional street artists from Bulgaria, Hungary, Venezuela, Spain, etc. Among the most spectacular festival events were a cascade from a flying balloon (for the first time at a festival in Bulgaria), a light stilts parade, a dance parade. The name of the festival 6Fest (in Bulgarian should be pronounced like “ShestFest”) comes from the name of the oldest quarter of Gabrovo city, the heart and the birth place of Gabrovo – Shesti uchastak quarter, translated in English as the 6th section (sector, station). This is the place on the right side of Yantra river, in the very center of nowadays Gabrovo.

Creator of 6Fest is the art manager, writer and journalist Momchil Tsonev, declared to be one of the 10 most outstanding young persons of Bulgaria for 2019. Because of his cultural contribution to his hometown of Gabrovo, Momchil Tsonev has won a prize in the sixth edition of the Darik Radio project “40 to 40”. Momchil Tsonev is the creator of emblematic for Gabrovo cultural projects such as the first online encyclopedia about Gabrovo based on the Wikipedia software (available only in Bulgarian) –, the first computer game about Gabrovo (available in English) –, the most popular clip on YouTube about Gabrovo – „Happy Gabrovo”, 4 books about the history of Gabrovo, called "Gabrovo - the living city" (books published in Bulgarian), in co - authorship with Daniela Tsoneva. The Gabrovian is also the founder of the online media Gabrovo Daily, of the first business web portal for Gabrovo and the web portal Among his national projects are the "Good Bulgarians" for the promotion of goodwill, "Starodumtzi" for sharing old words from Bulgarian language, "Night of Stories" for telling personal, family and family stories, etc.


Contact International Festival For Urban Arts and happiness “6Fest” on (Momchil Tsonev).

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